Fresh breathe of (digital) air

This blog site have been alive since back in 2004 through nanoblogger, with the simplest and yet clunky method of posting blog. However, the sleek feature of #nanoblogger is the re-parsing and re-constrocting the site whenever a post published. With today’s computing speed and power, even a puny cloud instance, would make #nanoblogger the best platform for … well … #nano #blogging 😉

In 2008 (or maybe 2009), this blog site take major turn in using Content Management System (CMS) from #joomla. As easy as it sounds, and as complex as it could, #joomla have reached the point where upgrading the platform turned into major forklift (plus thousands of fake ‘fans’ waiting for approval, module that are no longer supported, etc, etc.)

Today (or at least this month), this blog is now once again undergone major facelift and using a more-familiar wordpress back end. Am I looking for trouble by announcing this? Well, without announcing it, a lot of eyes may have started poking this site since (looking at my watch …), 3 hours ago.

Long story short, enjoy!