So ‘I’ followed a path …

The title was inspired from Friday sermon with the title “So He followed a path”

The sermon was telling a story about Dhul-Qarnayn (some culture referred him as Zulkarnaen or Zulkarnain) where God bestowed him with knowledge and wisdom, numerous tools and abilities to use them, the means to practically achieve any goal he set out for. Dhul-Qarnayn expanded the blessings he was given and invested in them in the best of ways, by helping others, making things easy for them and entering joy and contentment into their hearts.

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Brew-ing docker in Mac


  • brew install docker
  • brew install docker-machine
  • brew services start docker-machine
  • brew install virtualbox # Requires SystemPreferences intervention
  • docker-machine createdefault–virtualbox-cpu-count 6 –virtualbox-memory 8192
  • # Create “docker” group and put me in it
  • sudo dseditgroup -o create docker
  • sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a <your_user_name> -t user docker # Run this to set environment before running docker
  • eval $(docker-machine env default)