Observing your surrounding

There was a saying that I heard in the past about “there is nothing wrong of being paranoid”. For me, it is more on observing your surrounding and be aware on what may have happened.

I recall practicing those in the past, and believe it or not, it gave me the feeling of having precognition ability. What do you know?

Back to being observant, I paid a visit to San Francisco Exploratorium back on the days where they were located near Palace of Fine Arts. One of the exhibit that I recall was about brain ‘blindness’ in identifying change in front of our eyes. No, no, I am not talking about Cortical Blindness. But the result is pretty much as if you have one :O

The good news is, being observant is based on ‘moving’ images around us instead of ‘static’ images similar like spot-the-difference game. Thus, we only need to … well … observe our surrounding.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by digital sources, and mainly narrowed down to the little screen with the size of our palm (or both palms, depends how greedy are you in holding those clear glass device thingy called ‘smartphone’).

Let’s try putting down your phone while walking (or while in the vehicle, especially if you are the driver!). Other than safer for your trip to your destination, you will observe something different (or new?) throughout your journey.

Stay safe! Stay observant!

p.s.: I was posting some random thoughts to test whether my blog still works 😉

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